Dawn cracks early in Manipur as it reveals the dense fog from the meadows. Morning dew condense on the cold concrete floors way before dawn. Fall is giving into winter. Children huddle closer into the night. Our summer donations were hardly a few days supply in each relief camp. Supplies for Doctors who were saving violence victims, and delivering babies on hospital floors. Food and nutrition essentials for relief camps. Children would excitedly rummage through the newly arrived sacks of rice, flour and potatoes, with undying glimmers of hope for the occasional donated toys. We had no budget for toys. Not in summer. We hope we dont disappoint again. Now as the winter sets in, warm clothes and blankets become basic essentials. There are no heating in the camps at night or day. I repeat this, violating any element of writen style. There is no heat to keep you warm. Just memories of warmer nights. The bodies have adapted to the cold nights. It is hope that we must keep warm.

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