Welcome to the ‘Association of Meiteis in the Americas‘ – a collective of conscientious Meitei individuals across the Americas. We are dedicated to preserving our authentic Meitei culture and heritage while promoting factual and historical information highlighting our indigenous roots in Manipur. Furthermore, by embracing our indigeneity, we foster understanding and appreciation for the Meitei community, aiming to celebrate and safeguard our cultural legacy for future generations.

Who We Are

Our roots trace back to the Meitei community, a proud and diverse ethnic group indigenous to Manipur, India. As Meiteis in the Americas, we cherish the richness of our cultural heritage and work relentlessly to preserve it while adapting to the multicultural ethos of our adopted homeland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to shine a light on the rich heritage and dynamic culture of the Meitei community. We actively work towards promoting factual narratives and historical context that showcase the uniqueness and diversity of our culture and traditions. In addition, we’re committed to enhancing our community’s understanding of its history, encouraging pride in our shared identity. Our objective is to provide a platform for the Meitei community in the Americas to connect, exchange experiences, and contribute to a richer, global tapestry of cultural narratives. We strive to present the Meitei community’s authentic voice to the world through unity, respect, and shared purpose.

Our Activities

Cultural Preservation

We are dedicated to safeguarding the rich cultural heritage of the Meitei community. This involves preserving and promoting our unique cultural heritage and traditions – from rituals and ceremonies to art forms and languages. Furthermore, we work towards creating awareness and appreciation for our traditions to ensure their continuation and reverence across generations.

Community Identity

We strive to maintain and uphold our unique Meitei identity. This includes honoring our origins, understanding our history, and practicing our cultural traditions. We ensure our identity remains vibrant and distinct, even as we adapt to the multicultural environment of the Americas.


We believe in the power of knowledge. Therefore, we foster greater understanding and respect by educating our community members and the broader public about our culture, history, and traditions. This also involves ensuring younger generations of Meiteis are familiar with their heritage.

Respect and Unity

Mutual respect forms the bedrock of our community interactions. We are united in our diversity and believe that every Meitei individual, regardless of their background, deserves respect and a sense of belonging.

Contact Us

Email: ama@meitei.net

Address:: 9700 RichMond Ave Ste. 130, Houston TX, 77042